25 Ways to Not Get That Job Offer


I recently got an “interview packet” from a recruiter at a staffing agency. The packet contained a lot of common sense stuff, like dress professional when you go to a job interview and don’t be late for your interview and so on. While most of the stuff in the packet was common sense, I did pull out this nugget of info from the packets. Basically, these are surefire ways to NOT get a job. So, if you find yourself doing any of these things in a job interview, you might want to not do them…


A recent survey of 153 companies, who were questioned as to why they did not hire a qualified applicant, resulted in the following answers:

  1. Poor personal appearance
  2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm
  3. Over-emphasis on money
  4. Criticism of past employers
  5. Failure to have good eye contact with interviewer
  6. Limp, “dead fish” handshake
  7. Late for the interview
  8. Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time
  9. Does not ask enough detailed questions about position
  10. Lacks sufficient detail when responding to questions asked by the interviewer
  11. Overbearing, over-aggressive, conceited “know-it-all” complex
  12. Inability to express oneself clearly
  13. Lack of planning for career; no purpose or goals
  14. Lack of confidence, ill at ease
  15. Lack of factual information
  16. Lack of manners, courtesy
  17. Lack of maturity
  18. Lack of vitality
  19. Indecisive
  20. Merely shopping around
  21. Cynical
  22. Lacks a strong work ethic
  23. Intolerant
  24. Inability to take criticism/not open to being mentored
  25. High pressure type

And that is the complete list from the packet. There is no source listed in my packet, so I am not exactly sure when this study was done, who did it and so on. Hopefully I am not breaking any copyright infringement laws posting it without a credit.

In my experience, employers won’t hire you if they see that you have moved around too much for their liking as well.

Got any tips to add?


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