Creating a price book


Something that is mentioned in what seems like every ‘getting your finances together’ type of book or blog that I read is creating a price book so that you can really take hold of the reigns when it comes to grocery shopping. Since I have read this so many times, I have decided that I should do this as well. But I am a procrastinator. Then I happened to go to Target right before going to the grocery store a couple of months ago. I went back to the food section to get a Ritter Sport chocolate bar since they are so hard to find and saw some other things that were on my grocery list. I didn’t get them though because I was going grocery shopping upon leaving Target. So, I get to the grocery store and guess what? Every item that was at Target was cheaper there than at the grocery store!  😯  That is what really got me to thinking I needed to get me a price book.

According to The Dollar Stretcher there  three steps to creating a price book.

  1. Start saving up your receipts.
  2. Go through all the store ads and copy down prices of items you regularly buy.
  3. Start taking your book with you to the store and adding to it as necessary.

For me, the problem is what am I going to put this in? Clearly a small little notebook would be the easiest in terms of size and portability. But it would be hard to update. That brings me to creating an excel document. Easy to update but not exactly small like I wanted. This decision is what has kept me from making a price book!

I have decided that excel is the way to go and I can print it out in any way that I want to make it small and compact. Plus I can just write on the print out any updates. Then when I get home I can update it and re-print for the next store shopping.

So, I have been saving my receipts for a couple of months now. I am pulling them all out to create this price book and I am wishing I had not been such a procrastinator. The descriptions on the receipts do not make it easy to tell what everything is!

So, now that I have a basic idea of what I want my price book to look like I will take my gathered up receipts and start plugging the info into excel. And I suspect it will go through a lot of updating over the next couple of months before I get everything in it that I want to have in it.


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