Tips on special gifts for mothers this Christmas


Only a few days before Christmas is no time to be trying to think up something to buy Mom. She didn’t wait until the weekend before a holiday to buy your gifts, and then just grab a gift card on the way over. If you care enough to give the very best, these four tips are sure to help bring a smile to Mom’s face every time.

Tip #1 – Put your time into it.

Don’t have two hours to spare for Mom? Well, then don’t bother, but you are missing out on an inexpensive way to greatly increase the value of your gift. One year, my girlfriend and I bought my mom a breadbox. It was white and simple, nothing exciting. Then, we took it out of the box, got out some paints and stencils, and went to work all over it in purples and blues. My Mom was genuinely delighted. She has done some moving and reducing since then, throwing away things that she didn’t need. Through all of her moves, this several-year-old breadbox has survived each downsizing.

More than anything else, mothers notice the time you put into something. Maybe it is because time is what they gave to you all throughout your childhood.

You don’t have to have any great skill. Make her a CD of songs you think she’ll like, paint her an already made pottery piece, make a book of coupons to do things like cleaning her garage or painting the porch, and when she calls to cash them in, show up!

Tip #2 – Put your talents into it. 

It’s possible that your mother has fifteen children. She might forget your birth order, and call you by the wrong name when you frustrate her to the point of confusion, but more than likely she can instantly call your face to mind when she picks up a picture you drew for her back in the third grade. There is just something about the old talent-infused gift that really gets mom’s attention.

Tip #3 – Think small. 

Bigger isn’t necessarily better. This isn’t her last holiday. It’s also no time for buying something that she needs, like a new pan or pillowcases. It’s one of those special holidays, meant to remind your mom that you love her, and why you love her. It doesn’t hurt to show her you were paying attention either. Does your mom overbuy your daughter Barbie accessories, because she always wanted a Barbie and never got one as a child? It’s not too late. She doesn’t need it, but who cares? It means you were listening.

Tip #4 – Don’t give her something you would buy your boss.

Moms like flowers. That’s what you wanted to hear, so there it is. And, honestly, most probably do, but here is something that they also like, to know they are special. We all do, and most of us realize that the easiest thing to give someone is flowers. Everyone likes flowers. So unless your Mom loves her garden more than anything else in this world, and you are buying them because you know there is nothing she loves more, don’t send her the most common gift known to the human race. It ranks up there right below gift cards as the most thoughtless gift you could possibly give her.

Remember, chances are you only have one Mother, so get her something this year that lets her know how unique and special she is to you.


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